Interested in staying longer or just wanted to explore that little bit deeper? Ready for a new challenge or looking to start down your own technical diving career path? Maybe it’s time to get technical!

Technical diving is something we take very seriously. Whether you wish to enrol in your entry level technical courses, want to get some tropical deep reef ocean dives, or wish to do some expedition level diving you have come to the right place.

With a range of deep reefs, technical drift dives and unexplored walls in the surrounding region there is plenty on offer right from the door step. If you fancy going further afield then don’t hesitate to contact us regarding expeditions. With Siquijor Island deep walls, the sharks surrounding Sumilon, or the deeper wrecks in Sipalay we can make it happen. Do you need a bit more of a challenge, or would like us to try and arrange something special – just let us know here at Liquid and we will try to accommodate your every need where possible.

Technical Diving Courses

Thinking of taking a technical diving course? Then why should you take it with Liquid Technical?

With the increased complexities of equipment, dive planning and team procedures we ensure your course will be educational, challenging and of courseexciting.

Currently offering a range of TDI and PADI TecRec courses for the entry level technical diver we ensure you will get your technical sport diving off to the best start possible. Laying down the fundamentals of technical diving in a safe manner whilst also pushing your diving skill development will ensure you are ready for the most demanding of technical dives.

During all courses there will be thorough briefing and debriefings, where we ensure you do some self-analysis, while we also review GoPro video footage (where possible) and provide constructive feedback ready for your next training dive.

Although the levels we approach these topics at will vary depending upon the class you are enrolled in, we will cover, at minimum, the following:

  • Team Diving Principles
  • Equipment Selection & Use
  • Decompression Theory and Decompression Strategy
  • Gas Management
  • Gases and Physiology
  • Risk Management and Mitigation

TDI Technical Divemaster

Already a certified recreational level Divemaster? Ready for the pinnacle of Divemaster training? Enroll in our TDI Tech- nical Divemaster program and gain an insight in just what it is like to lead technical divers. Want to gain experience over a longer time frame in an extremely busy dive center?

Please contact us here at Liquid to discuss possible entry routes into TDI Technical Divemaster training.


Intro to Tech

This two day program is designed to give experienced recreational divers an introduction to equipment, techniques and procedures utilised by technical divers.

Whether you are planning on continuing onto full technical diver programs, want to increase your knowledge and skills base or just heard about technical diving and want to give it a try this will introduce many of the basics to you.

With academic sessions and 3 dives that cover a variety of topics and skills such as dive planning, gas management, buoyancy and trim, increasing situational awareness, equipment selection and use we feel this course can also improve the safety and efficiency of novice to veteran recreational level divers too!


Minimum 18 years old (15 with parental consent)
Minimum SDI Open Water (or equivelant)
Proof of 25 Open Water dives

TDI Technical Divemaster

Already a certified recreational level Divemaster? Ready for the pinnacle of Divemaster training? Enroll in our TDI Tech- nical Divemaster program and gain an insight in just what it is like to lead technical divers. Want to gain experience over a longer time frame in an extremely busy dive center?

Please contact us here at Liquid to discuss possible entry routes into TDI Technical Divemaster training.

Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures Combination

Two courses rolled into one! These courses can be offered separately by request however we feel this combo class pro- vides the very foundation for the entry level technical diver. Upon completion you will be certified to conduct decompres- sion dives to a maximum depth of 45m whilst utilising nitrox mixtures between 22-100% oxygen.

This four day technical diving class is the first step on the ladder in your technical diving career. The course topics are covered during academic sessions including decompression theory, dive planning, physics and physiology, oxygen expo- sure tracking, equipment selection, gas management, gas selection and common blending methods.

Getting into the water you will have six dives where you will constantly being evaluated whilst learning and performing a host of new skills and techniques. Just some of the key elements include; improved trim, buoyancy and propulsion tech- niques, gas shutdown drills and procedures, team diving principles and leadership, team gas switching amongst others.


Minimum 18 years old
Minimum Advanced Open Water (or equivalent)
TDI Nitrox or equivalent
Proof of 50 Open Water dives

TDI Sidemount Diver

The Sidemount diver course aims at giving divers the knowledge and experience required to utilize this increasingly pop- ular equipment configuration. Starting off in British cave sumps, sidemount diving has progressed to the level of the highest caliber. Equipment, techniques and procedures have advanced somewhat. Spreading from the caves sidemount diving is now a popular open water activity, that can be experienced by any technically minded diver.

Spread over two days including three open water dives, you will get to spend plenty of time honing in the trim, rotating cylinders, concentrating on gas management and maybe solving a few problems along the way! Academic topics will look at the history of sidemount diving, equipment considerations, gas planning and management, manipulating valves and cylinders, surface marker deployment and trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques.

Even for the experienced technical diver the sidemount course provides an interesting and challenging insight in to how it can be used to give you more options to tackle even the most complex of dives. Thinking of progressing into physical overhead environment training? Get the basics in place and make even the narrowest of gaps a simple pass.

The TDI Sidemount course may also be integrated with a range of our open circuit diver courses. If you are interested in combining classes just let us know and we will arrange an appropriate schedule!


Min 18 years old
SDI Open Water Diver (Or Equivalent)

Technical Fun Diving

Already a certified technical diver and just need to go diving? No problem. With dedicated technical dive staff with sever- al years’ experience in the Philippines we will endeavor to give you the best possible experience in this tropical deep reef paradise!

If you have a special request, want to discuss a technical dive package or just interested to hear more about the local diving and what is on offer then please contact us.

Of course everyone has their preferred style of technical diving and we certainly won’t pass judgment on what you have chosen as the best approach for you; however we do strive for a certain level of standardization to ensure the safety of you, our customers, as well as our in house dive team.

All technical fun dives will be supervised, in the water (or surface if deemed appropriate) with our qualified technical dive staff or technical dive instructors.

All diving will take place at a location determined suitable for the experience and certification level of the dive team in- volved. No dives will be conducted outside a divers training or experience level.

Suitable surface support (as appropriate to the site and dive team) will be in location for all technical dives. Surface med- ical oxygen, first aid kit, extra decompression gases and marine radio/cellphone will be present for all decompression dives.

All dives undertaken with Liquid Technical will adhere to the following procedures:

  • Each gas being used by any diver must be analysed, correctly labeled for maximum operating depth, signed and dated by the user. An additional analysis log will be filled out by each diver prior to any dive.
  • Maximum bottom mix partial pressure may not exceed po2 1.5ata at any time. This is a maximum limit, although we highly recommend not exceeding a po2 1.4ata.
  • Maximum p02 1.6ata for any decompression gases used.
  • END calculation not to exceed 40m for any dive. Again this is a maximum limit and we highly recommend 30m as the END calculation.
  • All divers must have a gas management plan. Rule of thirds or minimum gas calculations are both acceptable.
  • All divers must be equipped with at least one 40m spool and one surface marker buoy. We highly recommend taking two.
  • A whistle and dive light are highly recommended for all dive activities.
  • Divers must carry back up depth and timing devices.
  • Divers must carry back up/bail out dive plans.

Expedition level dives are only available with thorough prior planning. Do not expect to arrange these easily once you have arrived.

We like to accommodate any requests where possible, so please let us know.

Please note – technical diving courses may carry their own equipment requirements.