Apo Island

Only 45 minutes from Liquid, Apo Island is probably the most famous diving destination in this region and it lives up to its name. Fantastic year round visibility, stunning healthy soft and hard corals, schools of fish, turtles, bumphead wrasse and of course the chance for an encounter with a large pelagic.

Apo Island has a little something for every level of diver, whether you are newly certified open water diver or an experienced divemaster you will no be disappointed.

Dive Sites


beginner – maximum depth 20mts

A great site for macro lovers; a wide variety of nudibranchs, flat worms, frog fish, scorpion fish and eels can be found hiding amongst the coral bommies. Geothermal activity creates a continuous stream of bubbles that erupt from the black sand separates the corals. A very interesting dive for any diver.


beginner – maximum depth 20mts

A nice easy dive site for all divers; names after the small cowry shell that is often seen amongst the healthy soft corals. This site has little to no current, making it a great dive for beginner divers. It is possible to see turtles and sea snakes gentle cruising through the corals and over the sandy reef. This site can be dived in two directions making a great double dive.


experienced – maximum depth 25mts

Another dive site that is only suitable for the experienced diver. This site is subject to very strong currents that create an interesting drift dive. The site

begins with a gently slope covered in healthy soft corals and sponges and then gradually tapers into a more pronounced wall, Large schools of pelagic fish , bannerfish and bat fish are common sightings at this site and for the lucky few it is also possible to see mantas, reef sharks and turtles.


beginner – maximum depth 25mts

One of the first official marine sanctuaries in the Philippines, this is an enforced no fishing zone and a maximum of 15 people are permitted to dive here daily. The site is formed by a sloping reef covered in amazing variety of hard corals, soft corals and sponges. The sanctuary is famous for the sheer diversity of corals that create a collage of colors that will leave the most experienced diver amazed.


beginner – maximum depth 20mts

A stunning dive site that is continuously shrouded in bubbles, created by the volcanic activity under the island. The site itself has a small wall covered in stunning soft corals, that gently tapers into a black sand slope with a spattering of coral bommies, that hide a variety of marine life.


beginner – maximum depth 20mts

A steep slope that starts in 5mts and tapers out at 20mts. The shallower part of the dive site is covered in healthy soft corals and the deeper sections in large hard corals and sponges. Depending on the current it can be dived in two different directions.

The soft corals are home to a wide variety of macro life including frog fish nudibranchs and flatworms. Large schools of trevally, snapper, and groupers are often seen swimming along the wall and Hawksbill Turtles are a regular visitor. If you are lucky you may also see a manta ray or devil ray off in the blue.


experienced – maximum depth 25mts

Mamsa is the local word for Jack fish, which are plentiful at this dive site. It is possible to see schools of hundreds of jack fish playing in the strong currents and if you are lucky you will see them form a protective circle from the larger predatory pelagic tunas that like to hunt them. Another site that is only suitable for the more experienced diver, the currents can be so strong here that at certain times diving is not permitted for anyone!


beginner – maximum depth 25mts

A large finger shaped reef that extends from the south east corner of Apo Island it is exposed to open sea currents that ensure an incredible variety and amount of fish life and stunning coral formations. Depending upon the currents it is possible to dive this site in two different directions. For those lucky divers it is possible to see turtles, schools of jacks, reef sharks and sometimes manta rays gracefully swimming in the blue.


advanced – maximum depth 30mts

A stunning dive that starts as a gentle slope with a clusters of coral bommies, that leads into a very steep slope that eventually tapers off into a large wall with overhangs and small caverns for the more adventurous diver to explore.

Many varieties of reef fish can be seen here, also lobsters, flatworms, nudibranchs and eels. It is also common to see turtles, and sea snakes and for the very lucky few it is also possible to spot Thresher sharks off in the deep blue.


experienced – maximum depth 25mts

For the more experienced diver only, this site is commonly referred to as the ‘washing machine’ due to the very strong currents that are normally always present. Large schools of trevallies, jacks, anthias and snappers are regularly seen here. The large slope also creates a great hiding place for turtles and the occasional meter long bumphead wrasse. The strong currents attract a lot of marine life, a stretch of sand between two rock cliffs creates a natural shelter where it is possible for divers to hide from the current and watch for the larger pelagic to pass by. For those lucky divers it is also possible to spot reef sharks, manta rays and occasionally a whale shark!


beginner – maximum depth 25mts

A nice gentle wall dive with plenty of overhangs to explore covered in stunning soft and hard corals. Macro life is bountiful on this site and it is also possible to see sailfin gobies, large groupers and radial file fish. A good dive for all levels of divers.