Siquijor Island

Fun diving Siquijor Island, only an hour and a half by boat from Liquid. Siquijor Island offers some great diving. With over 10 dive sites to choose from including fantastic walls, 2 sanctuaries, a sunken island and some great muck diving Siquijor is a lovely day trip. Some of the dive sites are more suitable for experienced divers. However there are some great sights for beginners also. The wall diving off of Siquijor makes for a fantastic day of diving.

Dive Sites


beginner – maximum depth 15mts

A nice gentle dive suitable for all experience levels; the site starts in less than 5mts and gentle slopes to 15mt. Stunning coral gardens and anemones create a haven for a variety of fish life. Nudibranchs, frog fish, clown fish, fusiliers and numerous other reef fish can be seen.


advanced – maximum depth 40mts

This stunning wall dive starts in 7mts and drops as deep as 50mts at certain points. The steep wall creates a beautiful drop off for the more experienced diver. A large overhang found around 35mts houses a large school of glass fish and lion fish and creates a stunning cathedral affect. The wall is covered in soft corals, gorgonian sea fans and coral whips that create a perfect habitat for an array of marine life. Visibility is normally excellent here and if you are lucky it is possible to see the occasional large pelagic out in the blue.


beginner – maximum depth 20mts

The ultimate in muck diving. This easy dive site is formed along a sandy bottom with scattered coral outcropping. Nudibranch, pipe fish, flat worms, frog fish, sea moths, gurnards and even blue ring octopus are just a few of the macro critters that can be found at this site.


beginner – maximum depth 22mts

A stunning soft coral garden that starts in 5mts and gently slopes to 22mts, this is an ideal dive sites for beginner divers or those that just want a nice relaxing dive with plenty to see. Large schools of barracudas create a welcoming committee, turtles can be seen grazing around the corals, snappers, and angel fish and if you are lucky the occasional black tip reef shark can also be seen here.


advanced – maximum depth 40mts

A sunken island that begins in 10mts and reaches down to 40mts, this site is sometimes subject to strong currents so is only suitable for experienced divers. The island walls are covered in soft and hard corals, whip corals and sponges. Nudibranchs and flatworms can be found hiding in the corals, reef fishes dart around the island and if you are lucky a large pelagic may swim by in the blue. It is often possible to see manta and devil rays at this site


beginner – maximum depth 40mts

Another official sanctuary where fishing is not allowed, this site is covered in large hard and soft coral formations and a wide variety of soft corals and sponges. The reef itself starts as a gently shallow slope that gradually gets steeper as it gets deeper. Reef fish, macro life, sea snakes, cuttle fish and barracuda are amongst the common sightings at this lovely site.


beginner – maximum depth 25mts

A lovely dive that starts as a gentle sloping coral garden and becomes a steep wall covered in healthy hard and soft corals. Schools of reef fish, jacks, and puffer fish can be seen. A normally constant gently current makes this a lovely drift dive suitable for all levels of divers and keep an eye out for blue spotted rays, sting rays and turtles.


beginner – maximum depth 18mts

A nice gentle dive site with some interesting coral formations and a small tunnel for those divers who have good buoyancy control, this site offers colorful soft and hard corals, plenty of reef fish and turtles. A great dive for beginner divers but the interesting block like coral formations makes this site great for photographers also.