Sumilon Island

Fun diving Sumilon Island about 90minutes boat ride away from Liquid is a great day out. The first official marine sanctuary in the region, you can expect crystal clear waters with 30metres plus visibility. Gorgeous coral – both hard and soft with a healthy abundance of marine life, with the odd surprise be it a pre-historic sized turtle or a blacktip or even a passing whale shark.

Sumilon island is well suited to all divers from the fresh-faced open water divers to the more experienced divemaster or instructor.

Dive Sites

Sumilon West – OW

beginner – Max depth up to 35m

A classic wall dive that runs the length of the island. This can be split into two or dived as one continuous dive site. The intricate topography, vast rock structures coupled with clear visibility makes this a feast for the eyes. Fish everywhere, stunning shallows and still water makes the west side of the island a favourite for all.

Sumilon Norte – AOW

Advanced – Max depth 30m

Generally a drift dive with varying currents depending on the tides. The topography of the site goes from a shallow coral garden down a steep sandy slope with scattered coral lumps. This is often a site that throws a few surprise pelagics into the mixer with sightings of blacktips, whitetips and whale sharks. A wonderful drift.

Sumilon East – OW

beginners – Max depth 25m

Think back to when you were young and how you imagined the underwater world to be. This is Sumilon East. No current, set on a shallow slope with an array of mind blowing colors created by a plethora of stunning corals and reef fish of every description. This is a must do dive for any level of diver.