Apo Island is famous for its stunning soft and hard corals, great visibility and abundant marine life. Turtles can be seen on every dive. And if you are lucky you may get the chance to encounter a large marine pelagic.

Day trips to Apo Island are always great fun and suitable for both snorkelers and divers. There are different dive sites around Apo Island which vary in difficulty. Many are suitable for open water divers, but for those with more experience there are some rather exciting drift dives available.

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Siquijor Island is more renowned for its association with ‘white magic & witch craft’. However the island also has some stunning wall dives. Only 50 minutes from Liquid this is another great day trip that offers something a little bit different. All the dive sites are drop offs and walls. So for those more experienced divers who enjoy the rush of a deep dive then this area is perfect for you.

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Dauin Coast offers world class muck diving, plus some stunning coral reefs. The region offers an abundance of fish life including turtles and sea snakes. If you have a wish list of weird and wonderful critters then Dauin Coast is a must dive destination.

Suitable for open water to professional divers and especially popular with underwater photographers. This area has over 15 different dive sites which will keep all levels of divers happy.

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Sumilon Island is a privately owned piece of paradise about 1 hour from Liquid. Stunning coral reefs, gentle slopping walls and a few steep drop offs make this an ideal day trip for all levels of divers. From beginners to divemasters there is a little something for everyone. It is also a great day trip for snorkelers and one of the best things about this region is the chance of a whale shark encounter.

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Fun diving in the Philippines.

The Philippines is within the Coral Triangle, one of the most diverse areas in the ocean and it shows with the wide variety of marine life that can be seen at all our dive sites. Whether it is stunning corals, schooling fish or tiny critters that you are after we have it all.

Our 5* CDC dive center is fully equipped to accommodate individual fun divers or dive clubs. We guarantee small groups led by local dive guides. We group divers together based on their experience levels and try to accommodate all special requirements (cameras) where possible.

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